Work in accordance with an issued permit MSMPER200

This Nationally Accredited training provides participants with ability to go onto a job site and apply for a permit and to work under an issued permit. Permits are a tool that are used to control work hazards. They detail what the job is and where it is. The time work commences and finishes, tools and PPE requirements and roles of the work party.

Some of the topics covered:

  • What information is required for a permit
  • Hazard & controls
  • Different types of permits
  • Procedures for site alarm/gas alarm
  • Lock out/tag out
  • Operation of Gas detector
  • PPE
  • Roles of the work party
  • Closing permit & clean up

Participants that successfully undertake training and assessment receive their statement of attainment via email in a PDF format. A hardcopy (if required) and wallet size laminated card will be posted shortly after.

Course Duration:
2.5 Hours