Lead an Emergency Control Organisation PUAFER006

Chief Warden and Building Evacuation

Nationally Accredited Chief Warden Training includes module PUAFER006 Lead an emergency control organisation.
Important note: Participants must have completed an accredited Warden course within the last 3 years, before they can be accepted onto this course. Some of the topics covered:

  • Role during an emergency
  • Responsibilities
  • Vicarious Liability in respect of ECO members
  • Establishing communications
  • Role within a EPC and powers inferred
  • Conducting a post-brief
  • Who should be a Chief Warden?
  • What information do Emergency Services require?

Lead an emergency control organisation – PUAFER006

Participants that successfully undertake training and assessment receive their statement of attainment in Operate as Part of an Emergency Control Organisation.

Course Duration:
To be included in quote.