We provide Emergency response training to nurses and other staff that are required to safely evacuate and manage residents in health care facilities such as aged care, high dependency units and nursing homes. This includes specialised warden training and fire extinguisher training. These facilities are especially vulnerable as our elderly and those with different disabilities require a prompt and effect response from staff during an emergency.

AS 4083 ‘Planning for Emergencies in Healthcare Facilities’ governs planning, preparation, response & recovery for all emergencies in healthcare facilities. All our emergency response plans and evacuation diagrams that we produce for these facilities specifically follow this standard.

Your Emergency Planning Committee (EPC) needs to have the following roles – Emergency Coordinators, Emergency Officers and other facility personnel.

Chief Warden/Deputy Chief Warden – This role is an Emergency Coordinator and is performed by an Registered nurse/Nurse Unit manager.
Warden – This role is an Emergency Officer and is performed by other health staff

It is recommended that a skills retention exercise is conducted every 6 months internally and training is conducted every 12 months for all emergency staff which includes:

  • roles and responsibilities
  • response to difference emergencies
  • risk assessments
  • emergency response plan
  • fire fighting practical