Demonstrate First Attack Fire Fighting Equipment CPPFES2005

Nationally Accredited Demonstrate First Attack Fire Fighting training. This gives staff the confidence in assessing a workplace fire and using an extinguisher, Fire Blanket and Fire Hose to put it out if safe to do so. This Training is suitable for all businesses. This training can also be completed as a non-accredited course which gives you compliance to WHS legislation. Some of the topics covered:

  • Operate a fire extinguisher, Fire Blanket, Fire Hose
  • Classification of fires
  • Using P.A.S.S to easily remember the correct use of an extinguisher
  • When to fight a fire and when to leave
  • Situational awareness when fighting a fire
  • Hose reels/Fire blankets
  • Extinguishing a fire practical (depending on fire season either naked flame or object)

If you only require qualifications for operating a Fire Extinguisher then Confine Small Emergencies in a Facility will cover this.

Professional Trainers

Participants that successfully undertake training and assessment receive their statement of attainment.

Demonstrate First Attack Fire Fighting Equipment – CPPFES2005

Length of course:
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